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Zero Waste Poster Entries

Thank you so much for all of your entries to our week for waste reduction competitions. Take a look at the posters in the 7-11 category below.

There are so many amazing entries to choose from, Beth Winter MP is going to have a tough job picking a winner!

  • Zero Waste Cynon Diwastraf Logo
  • Shayla Jones, Age 9
  • Layla Whiles, Age 8, YGG PontSionNorton
  • Jac Newman, Age 7, YGG PontSionNorton
  • Ela-Mai Macdonald bl.4, 8 mlwydd oed
  • Harri Castle, Dosbarth Taf, YGG PontSiônNorton
  • Kristen, Dosbarth Taf, YGG PontSiônNorton
  • Morgan, Dosbarth Taf, YGG PontSiônNorton
  • Griff Massey, YGG PontSiônNorton
  • Bodhi, Dosbarth Taf, YGG PontSiônNorton
  • Ollie-J Bartlett YGG PontSiônNorton
  • Elin Rees age 10, YGG PontSiônNorton
  • Mali Rees, Dosbarth Taf, YGG PontSiônNorton
  • Iwan Mildon, YGG PontSiônNorton
  • Emily Knight YGG PontSiônNorton
  • Molly Iveson, Dosbarth Taf, YGG PontSiônNorton
  • Harri Hayward YGG PontSiônNorton
  • Camden age 9 PontSiônNorton
  • Caitlin Thomas YGG PontSiônNorton
  • Pupil at YGG PontSiônNorton
  • Arthur Hayward, YGG PontSionNorton
  • Hallie-J Williams, YGG PontSionNorton
  • Lily Tucker, Age 10

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